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Tips Resume


just nak share dengan korang semua tentang tips resume. especially pengganggur terhormat tu ye. well macam aku la. kalau nak menghadiri interview jangan la korang lupa nak bawak benda alah ni pulak k. kalau teks ucapan bagus resume lagi la kena bagus. tapi resume bagus pun tak guna teks ucapan berterabur. so be prepare okeh jum bace nih

Tips Resume

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A resume is a summary of all your education background, experiance and skills that are relevant to the job prospect that you are applying for. A good resume is able to highlight all the accomplishments as to show to the potential employer that you are the most qualified person for the job.
A resume muct select your abilities to carry out the job well and will be able to stand strong above all the encounters that the company might have in their competing operation. Once you decide to write a resume, the guidelines below will be important to follow:

1.       Your contact information
-your full name
-your full address
-your phone number
-your email address

2.       Objective
-The objective meant to tell the employer what you want to do in the job field you need to include a sentence or two about your employment goals that clearly describes why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

3.       Carrer summary / highlight
-This is most important section that will always be the focus of a resume. This section list all your achivements, skills and experiance that are relevant to the position for which you are applying for. It highlights your relevant experience and lets the prospective employer know that you have the strong convincing factors one should be have for the job.

4.       Experiance
-this section reflects you in the previous time history. It can look good or bad depending on how you had performed in the company before. If you have jumped into many job, you may need to explain why you did  so and convince that you are always trying to find a better offer that suits your qualification and aspiration. The dates and company’s name is needed in this section.

5.       Skills
-You must also include skills related to the position that you are applying for, example language skills, computer skills, typing skills and communicating skills.

6.       References
-if you have someone that could explain that about yourself, positively, you should include their name and contact number in the reference section. Most often someone from the previous company will be the best person to refer to. However, reference is normally made upon request, so, make sure you prepare one should they ask for it in the interview.

*always check all the content, spelling and format or resume  before you submit it to the company . this is very important to help you avoid the most common mistakes that people unknowingly make. This guide is sure to help you understand the nuances of how to write a resume effectively.

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